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Antique, Georgian and Victorian, decoarative and coloured glass of Christine Bridge
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Christine Bridge Antiques, specialise in fine antique glass, 18th century collectors' glass, Georgian English drinking glasses, and 19th century Victorian coloured glass We stock mainly items of the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods but also sell earlier 17th Century glass and later Art Nouveau and Art Deco items. 

The full range of serious early 18th Century Georgian collectors glasses include early heavy and light baluster stems, multi spiral opaque twist stems, mixed and colour twist stem glasses, facet stem, knopped, Silesian, square, composite, air, and incised twist stems.  Glasses with a firing, terraced, plain, lemon squeezer, domed or folded foot, with rough and polished pontils.   We also have  fine bowls jugs

and decanters.  You will often find engraved Jacobite, commemorative, armorial, Masonic, and acid etched glass.  Suites of glass, rummers with plain and square 'lemon' squeezer feet, ale glasses, champagne flutes, goblets and glasses with a round, funnel bowl, pan top, and ogee bowls. We also carry decorative antiques, silk work and samplers.

We frequently carry glass from the Atelier of Jacob Sang, David   Wolff, Alius, Joseph Keller, William Muckley, F. Zach, August Bohm, John Northwood at Wordsley, Frederick E.  Kny, Joshua Hodgetts, Whitefriars, Tiffany, Moser and Verzelini. Fine decorators like Michael Edkins, Absolon, Isaac Jacobs, William & Mary Beilby, William Fritsche and J. B. Millar of Scotland  Jules Barbe and Jean Francois Robert from France.  Fine stipple engraved glass, wheel, facet cut, engraved, Rock crystal cut and acid etched glasses frequently in stock.

Glass from the manufacturers of F. & C. Osler, Apsley Pellatt, Richardsons, Molineaux, Webb & Co., Greathead and Green, Thomas Webb, Bacchus & Sons, J.G. Green, John Ford of Holyrood glassworks, Stevens & Williams of Stourbridge and Stuart.  Lovely blue and green glass from Bristol, Nailsea, also Dutch, Venetian glass from Murano and Irish glass from Waterford, Waterloo, Belfast and Co. Cork, French glass from Baccarat, Sevres, St. Louis and Galle and Orrefors in Sweden.

Often described as an 'Aladdin's Cave', in the gallery you can see a dazzling array of beautiful antique Georgian and Victorian coloured glass. Fine antique glass tazza, butter dishes covers and under dishes, urns and bowls. We stock antique Irish, French, Bohemian, Spanish, Dutch and Continental glass including chandeliers and candelabra and sulphides. Our Victorian section includes brightly coloured cameo and cased overlay and cut glass by the likes of Joseph Locke and George & Tom Woodall. We carry a stock of table glass including wine decanters, ships decanters, claret jugs, ewers, urns, celery vases and carafes.  Also in stock antique glass candlesticks, candelabra, decorative table epergnes, cornucopia, finger bowls and rinsers, toddy lifters, mirror or silvered glass by E. Varnish & Co, pipes, canes and bells and all manner of friggers and lovely antique opaline glass. 

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